We’ve had a few classes at New Legacy School of Woodworking over the last few months, and they’ve been really great. I really love seeing how far people come in so few days, and see them develop as they’re pushed, stretched and challenged.

Somehow, all the classes seem to characterised by the same elements: Enthusiasm and excitement as we begin the process of deindustrialisation, of getting a real hold of what it means to do craft, to be a craftsperson.

Round the bench A real intensity and focus, as people try and grasp new things, and try to work in spheres they’re not used to working in. Frustration at not being able to achieve perfection, and then a realisation and a certain level of peace as expectations are adjusted, and the focus becomes the process, not the outcome. Finally, the realisation of the journey yet to come, the possibilities of what can be achieved, what can be made. And then the practical application, the hows and whens of integrating the wealth of what has been learnt in so short a time, into the everyday of life.

Gouge UseThese are the thoughts that have been going through my mind, the things that I’ve learnt as I’ve been helping on these courses. It teaches you a lot about people, working with wood, working with your hands. It teaches you a lot about yourself, how hard to push,  what can be achieved, and how often it takes time, and steady determination. You will see improvement from one dovetail to the next.. most the time… but you do make mistakes.

We live in a now culture, where we want everything, here, now, and cheap. At what cost?